Sunday, April 22, 2007

After the storm

I was in Los Angeles last Sunday trying to return to New York City, which was being pummeled by a storm. After my Delta flight was twice delayed, I overheard another passenger asking to be rebooked on a plane the next day. I asked, too, and was immediately accommodated. The very nice woman at the service desk made several phone calls to locate my checked luggage, which I was able to retrieve. I was amazed. I've encountered so many rude or indifferent people at the airline "service" counters, that's pretty much what I expect.

I feel very good about Delta right now, in spite of the fact that the food service in Economy on the more-than-five-hour flight consisted of non-alcoholic beverages and a "snack."

I don't know whether my experience in the Los Angeles airport was an aberration or whether Delta (and perhaps other airlines) are taking greater care with hiring and training. If they are, hey! I noticed!



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